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We Have a Great Team of Professionals

The web design industry has been undergoing tremendous changes.

Dr.Javad Beheshti

Research and Development Manager

Education: Doctor of Medicine, Fellowship in Clinical Pathology, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Javad is a Doctor of Medicine, has been practising medicine in the United States of America after he completed his residency program and Fellowship in Clinical Pathology from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Javad advocates for healthier lifestyle through physical fitness. He has always dedicated himself to Research and Development, He has conducted several research for the establishment of Fitcoin. He identifies that Obesity is a huge problem in Canada and North America, He suggests that it is better that the people connect to the right trainer and get their healthy life in order to prevent Obesity. His experience in Medicine and research helps him to be the Research and Development Manager in the Fitcoin

Dr. Hamed Zamani

Marketing Manager

Education: General Practitioner Medical Doctor, Tehran University of medical science. Hamed, is a Doctor of Medicine, graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). Experienced in medical education works as an assistant professor in Tehran University of medical science and patient care in private and public healthcare sectors. Dr. Hamed brings skills of Networking and Marketing as expertise for Fitcoin. He has initiated connecting with Physical Fitness trainers in Canada virtually to understand the market trend and users need for the establishment of Fitcoin. Hamed also skilled in Digital marketing which is an asset for Fitcoin.

Dr.Niloufar Roustaei

Chief Executive Officer

Education: MBA Healthcare Administration, USA & Doctor of Medicine. Niloufar Roustaei, MBA graduate with health care specialization. She is a Healthcare manager knowing and 15 years of experience in hospital and medical office environments. Also, she is a general surgeon with 14 years of experience performing surgeries on trauma and critical care patients. She has always been enthusiastic about Entrepreneurship as her passion along with her medical practice. After she finished her Medical studies, she further completed her Doctor of Medicine in General Surgery. As she was practicing Medicine and her interest in Entrepreneurship inspired her to run her own clinic. And her interest in Entrepreneurship led her to study Master in Business Administration. She has completed her MBA at Westcliff University, Irvine CA, USA.

Dr. Golnaz Kaytabar

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Education: Post graduate study in Pediatric Dentistry, Tehran University of medical science. Dr. Golnaz is a Doctor of Dental Medicine. Who is also graduated from Tehran University of medical science, her specialization of work is related to Oral Hygiene and She is an expert doctor with 10+ years of experience. After COVID19, she started to explore her opportunities with technology, she was surprised with the fact that Technologies could help people to live healthily. She is an expert to bring a smile to everyone she meets in her career and she takes care of customer success in the Fitcoin. She works on how to increase users and how to engage with the users to generate more user strategies at Fitcoin Application.

Afsaneh Esmaeili Kahaki

Afsaneh Esmaeili Kahaki

Chief Technology Officer

Education: Bachelor of Computer Software Engineering. Afsaneh is a Computer Engineer with expertise working with embedded systems artificial intelligence, machine learning, and highly experienced in teaching. She finished her studies in Science at the American College of Dubai, UAE, and completed her Bachelors of Software Engineering in Islamic Azad University, Tehran Iran. Her career started with Information management in Dubai, UAE and her passion for research helped her to become a professor at Tehran University. After 5 years of dedication to teaching Technology, she started working as an IT Manager in Arrhythmia Center, Tehran, Iran. She mentors Startups and helps Tech based Startups with her specialization in Information Technology skills and experience.