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If you want to get train or diet go fitcoin

Insert your mobile phone or email, Then select user


Inter verification code and sign in

3.1-Screen 3

Fill the form and put your avatar

13.1-Screen 14

Do you want to have schedule for meals?  In the dairy, add breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks then you can see list of foods to select by your interest then save it! Also you can see your today and past days’ meals program

12.1-Screen 13

In the reports, see daily reports of calories, nutrition you gained, report of exercise time.

14.1-Screen 15

Do you want to know how much you are fit? In the weight page, you can see report of weight changes, add photos before and after diet, add your weight. Also you can give permission to share your own before and after pictures for list in trainer’s catalogues.

7.1-Screen 7

click on trainer button to search and see the list of trainers and select them to see their profiles.

20.1-Screen 21

Click on catalogue button in trainer’s profile to see him/her catalogue page

8.1-Screen 8

In the social button. You can see others users posts and view their progress by progress bar. Also see put comments and read them, like and share them or even see list of users who likes posts

15.1-Screen 16

Sweep left to see menu, you can have access to other part of application

19.1-Screen 20

Click your profile on menu to see your own page, add and see posts by categories such as videos, pictures, direct to ask question from your trainer and all mode. also see your follows, trainers, requests

In addition, track your progress bar to figure out how much you are close to own goal!

5.1-Screen 5

button in menu to search trainer’s catalogues and select them

11.1-Screen 12

Sweep right in your wallet Buy fitcion package, charge your account, take reports of fitcoin transactions

21.1-Screen 22

Do you want to chat with other users and trainers? You can Find or make rooms by genders and join them!

1.1-Screen 1

If you want to train use the fitcoin

Insert your mobile phone or email

Select trainer then sign in